HP DL360 Gen6

Base Specifications:

1U Rack Mount
Intel Xeon® series X5500 y X5600
Chipset: Intel® 5520
Processors Count: 2
Cache memory
12MB (1 x 12MB) Level 3 5600 series Cache with 6 cores
8MB (1 x 8MB) Level 3 5500 series Cache
Type: DDR3
Base: 6GB (3 x 2GB) RDIMM
Max RDIMM: 192GB (12 x 16GB) for registered memory configurations
Máx UDIMM: 48GB (12 x 4GB) for bufferless memory configurations
Max Storage:
Hot Plug SAS 2.4TB (8 x 300GB SAS)
Hot Plug SATA 2.4TB (8 x 250GB SATA)
Max Throughput: 3Gb/s
Network Controller:
HPE NC382i Dual Port, 2 ports with TCP/IP Offload engine