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Systems Engineering and Monitoring Service

You want to focus on your business, but you don't have the time and resources to handle the technological operation.
The servers of your company no longer have a guarantee, but it requires attention in a fast and timely manner when there are failures, even changing your server for a similar one, if this is your case, this service is for your company.
If your Technology Area is exceeded with activities, and you do not have enough time to perform server maintenance tasks, monitoring backups, etc. this service is for your company.
If your technology area is overwhelmed with activities, and you do not have enough time to perform the tasks of server maintenance, monitoring backups, etc. This service is for your company.
If your IT area does not have professionals with sufficient knowledge of systems engineering, or only needs the service sporadically, this service is for your company.

We offer Administration, Maintenance and Monitoring services of your infraestructure, we have highly qualified professionals to deliver a quality service that acts proactively in order to foresee possible failure in your data center.

CHILEOFFSHORE's monitoring and administration services allow your company to take advantage of its investements in technology ensuring operational continuity, availability of services and obtaining adequeate response times from the technological platform.

  • Computer architecture - we have solved serious problems caused by a poorly designed architecture.
  • Server configuration failure.
  • Data network failure.
  • Oracle database failure.
  • Video conferencing system failure.
OSS Database Service

This service ensure the maintenance of the perfomance and operational continuity of the database and provides support for troubleshooting in the operation of its technical architecture

  • Monitoring: Daily control of the status of the Database.
  • Perfomance analysis that includes alerts for database queries that affect perfomance. We improve perfomance, avoiding acquiring or having higher cost infraestructure.
  • Review of the database paramters.
  • Spaces and storage management.
  • Backups.
  • Standards and good practices.
  • Development of periodic maintenance plans to mantain the health of their database structures.
IT Service for Financial Institution

The Reasons That We Can Help You

After about 4 years developments with different chilean Financial Institutions, CHILE-OFFSHORE has achieved lot of experiences:

  • Multicaja S.A. - with it, we have got a very deep understanding about financial transactions, type of transactions, securities like 3DES encryption/decryption, cryptogram and HSM etc. Also ISO 8583, including we offer several free ISO 8583 tools in our website to help several hundreds persons to do their daily job. Like:
  • With CCA - Centrol de CompensaciĆ³n Automatizado ACH CHILE (which is a Web Based EFT Switching company), we have achieved experience with Electronic Bill Payment experience. Click here to see some usages examples.
  • Banco Santander - Chile which is the financial institution of with which the project with Multicaja and also CCA.

On the other hand, we also have developed several financial IT products which are currently used by some chilean financial institutions:

  • EMB Switch which can be used like the ACI Worldwide BASE24 switch to route EFT/ATM/POS transactions, it is also possible to be used as an integration middleware to make enterprise internal systems to "talk" with each other. Click here to see some usages examples about it.
  • EMB FileTransfer which is a MFT (Managed File Transfer) with some extensions. It can help a financial institution to realize lot of jobs like reconciliations of transactions, loading of StandIn etc.

CHILE-OFFSHORE is also a serious company, we don't make fake promise, when we can do we will do it well.

So, CHILE-OFFSHORE is company you can trust in 100% and we can help you to do your job.

Contact: Quentin Sherman Xue - CEO:   - skype: qsx2005 - phone: +56 99 599 6643


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