CHILE-OFFSHORE is a company of IT services and systems integration. CHILE-OFFSHORE specializes in system development of both high-level applications, as well as special system known as "bit-byte".

Our mission is to best serve our users, both in the development of products and services

As a company, CHILE-OFFSHORE is able to meet most needs of its users.

Valuable experience at your disposal: 

Was founded in October 2004 with the objective of development "offshore" development on demand for foreign companies, and since May 2009, began business developments onshore, consultancies and system development for Chilean companies.

CHILE-OFFSHORE works in a mode onshore/offshore, where the analysis, design, maitenance and support of the systems development is done onshore, in Chile, by personal with experience. While, for some project, the force develpment is done offshore, countries like China, India etc., expert in developing custom application.

This way of work allows CHILE-OFFSHORE be more efficient in managing its resources, thus achieving greater efficiency in serving customer, allowing easy and quickly adapt to the needs of these.

Reasons for your confidence:

Our team has participated in a successful projects:

  • In China 1982, the first operating system, Hanzi-CP/M 80, which was capable to handle Chinese characters was developed by the founder of CHILE-OFFSHORE, Mr. Quentin Sherman Xue
  • In China, 1985, Mr. Quentin Sherman Xue was elected as one of the 9 best programmers in China in the 80's, when he started his IT life.
  • In Chile, 1991, the biggest hardware retail company SODIMAC / HOMECETER, Mr. Quentin Sherman Xue developed the first system type "DATA-WAREHOUSE" which was called QNET, which was a poineer in its time.
  • In Chle, 1999, a serious failure of architecture and implementation of the first Internet Online Income TAX report system was fixed by him in IRS Chile.
  • In Chile, 2004, IRS Chile, the first Electronic Billing System of Chilean Tax Revenue was developed under the leadership of founder Mr. Quentin Sherman Xue.
  • In Chile 2008, IRS Chile, the new portal site of the Internal Revenue Service, http://www.sii.cl, was developed under the leadership of Mr. Quentin Sherman Xue.
  • In Chile 2010, CHILE-OFFSHORE help its client, Multicaja S.A. to connect with Banco Santander.
  • In Chile 2010, CHILE-OFFSHORE developed first HP ATALLA emulator which was capable to emulate the functionalities of HP's HSM product.