Lease or Sale of HP Servers

Important note: The services associated with data center infrastructure are for the Chilean territory only.

Technological solutions through a more conscious way of seeing the world

We specialize in the HP market and directly import high-end, efficient equipment and spare parts at a lower cost in order to adjust to more economical budgets.

We bring progress and profitability to your company through the reuse and extension of the useful life of your servers at a convenient price.

We support you so that your technology has a long life and reduces your investments.

In addition, we offer the support and maintenance service for your infrastructure, we control the management of your IT assets, reviewing the characteristics of the installation, determining which products are installed, what their versions are and compatibility with your environment, in this way we delay the obsolescence of your equipment, extending its useful life.

Do you need to temporarily lease one or more pieces of equipment?

We offer the rental service, providing processing and storage capacity so that you can carry out migrations, tests, supply load increase events or increase your general processing capacity. We adapt to your requirements with a flexible equipment rental modality.

All our equipment is guaranteed by CHILEOFFSHORE and we put at your disposal our experience delivering a quality service.

CHILEOFFSHORE guarantee: "If a component fails, we replace it, and in the event of a major failure, we replace the equivalent equipment or one with similar features."

General conditions of service

  • No rails included.
  • (Chile Sale Only) Sale to Chile Regions after payment by transfer.
  • Does not come with operating system.
  • Does not include installation.
  • The photographs of the article are for reference.
  • Warranty 3 months.
  • All products are reconditioned and are properly tested in our facilities.
  • Warranty does not include customer technical negligence, environmental factors (lightning, floods, fire and use of inappropriate voltage).


HP DL360 Gen5


HP DL360 Gen6


HP DL360 Gen8


HP DL380 Gen9