Apache NiFi Consulting


What is Apache NiFi?

NiFi has been designed to be able to automate in an efficient and visual way the data flows between different systems. For this, it has more than 300 external connectors already implemented, and it is also possible to add custom connectors.

One of NiFi's strengths is the ability to program data streams by dragging and connecting the necessary components onto management web panels.

In CHILEOFFSHORE we have experience in the use of the platform and in the development of information exchange applications using NIFI. We create differentiating architectures for the transfer of information between different sources, our specific programming knowledge, allow us to correctly configure each of the components that are required for the correct use of the platform.

Based on the experience of CHILEOFFSHORE, our clients use the tool to perform ETL and build information exchange services between their systems, in a safe, efficient, and controlled way.