Perfomance Test

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Our Service consists of providing the necessary technical infrastructure to perform Load and Stress Tests.

The purpose of this Service is to find out the degradation thresholds by injecting simultaneous queries or transactions as if it were done by a real user.

Load tests allow the customer to determine:

  • The Response Level that the application will have (response times).
  • The Degradation Threshold according to the volume of traffic it receives.
  • It allows to adapt the Technical Architecture according to the expected load.
  • It allows to control the increase of simultaneous traffic, anticipating the situation.
  • It allows to identify "bottlenecks" and determine potential failures.
  • Helps detect database connection problems.
  • Analyze third-party content or integrations that eventually affect performance.

The activity is a cyclical process, in which we work together with the client to determine and identify which are the components that prevent reaching the desired performance threshold.

We deliver a detailed report, the main indicators that are delivered are:

  • Response time thresholds according to the injected load.
  • Graphs of behavior over time, transactions versus response time.
  • Errors encountered in the application in the testing process and considerations for performance improvements.
  • Improve Average response times.

The tests are cyclical because the client can make improvements according to the indications and results of the first tests and detect problems that were encapsulated in a previous failure.

We have successfully helped Retail Companies (Cyber Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.), Government Institutions and productive companies.