Backup Service - OSS (One Stop Service)

"Focus on your business, we help you maintain the technological operation without interruptions... "


Service valid only in Chile

Our Backup Service consists of providing the technical infrastructure so that the copies are made automatically at the client's facilities and in our private Cloud. In this way, the information can be accessed from anywhere in case of a major incident.

"OSS Backup is a comprehensive service", as OSS (One Stop Service) implies, "The value of the service includes everything necessary": which means that the machines and disks to deliver the service at the customer's facilities, are managed and owned by CHILEOFFSHORE, which prevents the customer from incurring infrastructure purchase and unnecessary expenses... Your company does not need to have systems experts to perform backup actions.

  • Cloud backups are made from our customer backup infrastructure to our private Cloud, automatically.
  • We have the modality of incremental backups to reduce the times of the activity, storing and transmitting only the information that has undergone changes.
  • Optionally, backups can be encrypted using a key known only to the client so that the confidentiality of the information is safeguarded.
  • The value of the Service includes everything necessary for the daily operation of daily safeguarding of information.
  • There are no hidden costs, pay only for the information you support, do not invest in infrastructure that will have to be constantly renewed, leave the activity in our hands.
  • Different directories with different backup frequency, this scheme serves to determine that some directories are backed up different frequency. For example, the Peter User Document directory, C:\Users\Peter\Document, requires a backup every 2 hours, but all other directories are backed up once every 2 days.