We focus on various technological services with extensive experience and quality of customer service


CHILEOFFSHORE's EMBSwitch API is an innovative product that allows the integration of applications in a simple, safe and efficient way as any API Gateway would do.

Consulting and Development Amazon - AWS

Discover how we can help you improve your business with Amazon Web Services (AWS) In our team we have certified professionals who advise you on the administration of the platform, in addition, we have experience in the development of "Serverless" applications using Amazon Lambda.

Database Administration

This service ensures the maintenance of the performance and operational continuity of the database and provides support for the resolution of problems in the operation of its technical architecture.

Systems Engineering

We help your company to maximize the use of its capacities, developing technological operation models that allow it to execute its functions efficiently and with an adequate level of response. We effectively manage and plan infrastructure, enabling you to increase your efficiency, agility, and business continuity.

IT infrastructure monitoring

We offer administration, maintenance and monitoring services for your infrastructure, we have highly qualified professionals to deliver a quality service that acts proactively in order to anticipate possible failures in your data center.
CHILEOFFSHORE's monitoring and administration services allow our company to take advantage of its investments in technology, ensuring operational continuity, availability of services and obtaining adequate response times from the technological platform.

Sale and Lease of HP Servers (Only in Chile)

We specialize in the HP market and directly import high-end, efficient equipment and spare parts at a lower cost in order to adjust to more economical budgets.
We bring progress and profitability to your company through the reuse and extension of the useful life of your servers at a convenient price.