IT Consultancy

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Most mature companies have both legacy and new applications that run independently and can not operate integrately. In many cases, companies have strong desire to integrate these applications so they can share information and coorperate on a enterprise level. These integrations are what EAI specialized.

CHILE-OFFSHORE has account with vast experience of EAI and can be easly apply in your company.

  • EAI planning, designing and defining,
  • Risk analysis of integration,
  • Execution and supervision of integration,
  • Technic support pre, during and post integration.
CHILE-OFFSHORE also account with products and development:
  • General Purpose Message Mediator - which is a software product can integrete different systems such as legacy and new technologies.
  • Interface module development


CHILE-OFFSHORE provides advice and consultancy services in different topics:

  • Database Server, servers farm,
  • Data communication networking,
  • Network topolgy design, modification.
  • Data base (Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, Postgresql etc.)

CHILE-OFFSHORE orientes its services to ensure that the customers' platforms, both hardware and software, to meet the required level of their business processes. Not only those internal processes but also those 7x24 Internet/intranet. Defining and implementing all needed operation procedures to minimize the risks of failure of services.

Data Base - Database Management Service.

CHILE-OFFSHORE offers the following services on database:

  • Database Management - Preventive and Proactive Management Services of DBA, also Application Server Administration.
  • DBA support to implementation of application - working with different areas of development to ensure proper definition of the data layer.
  • Incident Support - support for failure and / or database incidents according to the form required by business processes.
  • Support of Database Management.

Access Security

CHILE-OFFSHORE offers the following access security services:

  • Access - Authentication and Authorization (Profile).
  • Implementing Access Security in Internet and also on Intranet.

Consultancy of Service Continuity

  • Sizing Service on both presentation layer and also data layer.
  • Consultancy on network topology and configuration.
  • Consultancy on contency planing, implementing and testing.

Consultancy of Networking

CHILE-OFFSHORE offers services on networking:

  • DNS configuration revision.
  • Data communication equipments configuration revision, configuration. Unix server's revisions and configurations. PC, routers and switches.
  • Email server configuration.
  • Firewall revision and configuration.