Quentin Sherman Xue


University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, Beijing - People's Republic of China  In which graduated degree in Applied Mathematics in Mechanics.

2009 - to date. CHILE-OFFSHORE CEO.

CHILE-OFFSHORE, IT company that performs software development and consulting. In where leads projects for various clients, including:

  • Multicaja: EFT/POS Switch consultancy, EFT and payments systems developments, POS software developlment.
  • CCA: Analysis of business and IT process of payment authorization system.
  • SENCE: IT Consultancy
  • INAPI: Adapter software development which exchanges data with international patent administrative organization
  • Tata Consultancy Service - IT Consultancy
  • IMed - Systems integration with their business partners (with EMB Switch)
  • LaPolar - Systeme Integration and IT support

1996 – 2009. Chilean IRS.

In where plays several positions among which are, in chronological order: IT Consultant, Head of System Engineering Section, Network and Security Officer, Chief of Internet Office, CTO, Chief Technical Officer Bill Electronics System (Sistema Factura Electrónica).

During this period involved in various projects:

  • Electronic Invoice Project: Assume the position "Project Chief Technical Officer Electronic Invoice", because of crisis project. Build teams, hires new resources, and controls the activities of external suppliers. After eight months, in May 2003, the project succeeded in production environment.
  • Authentication Projects for 2001 and 2004 versions. This is the version of authentication is working on the site http://www.sii.cl. February 2004 Employee internal PKI Project: This project will be used for internal management of Digital Certificates
  • IRSGateway Project: transactional component communication between the IRS and the Agency of Treasures of the Republic.
  • Online Electronic Payment Project (PEL). Under his supervision and control, developed the online tax payment to banks. Until now, the IRS is performing the payment operation with most of banks in Chile.
  • Design the new Internet infrastructure of IRS, overcome to achieve overload problem in a definitive way. This structure is being used until today.
  • Solves the problem of saturation of the "Operation Income Tax via Internet 1999".
  • Proposed, designed and implemented a "Wireless" Client / Server environment Windows CE, allowing IRS auditors to perform the field audit of taxpayers.
  • Builds the Engineering Systems IRS. Taking control and "know-how" from the hands of external consultants.
  • Lead project "Optical Fiber Links" for regional offices of the IRS Metropolitan Area.
  • Build the first firewall to IRS

1989 – 1995. SODIMAC S.A.

Project Manager, IT Department
Donde participa en distintos proyectos:

  • QNET Development. Data-Warehouse tool, which is software that allows users to generate their returns through the Novell network (local station) in a way that is more flexible and dynamic.
  • Installation and maintenance of a digital network (voice and data) in more than 30 branches of Homecenter - SODIMAC throughout Chile, from Arica to Punta Arenas.
  • Transactional system development, Client / Server between PCs, B20s and UNIX via TCP / IP and digital links.
  • Develop a help desk system for monitoring movements of equipment and user claims of all branches of Homecenter SODIMAC.
  • Holds the position of Project Manager Communication and Integration of Homecenter who are in Santiago.

1989. Informática S.A.

Systems Engineer
Participate in the design and development of a program that automatically generates code BBx language programs for data processing. This program is a CASE product type.

1988 – 1989. SABIMET S.A.

Systems Engineer
He worked on the design and development of software for data management: transfer, data compression.

1986. ISC System Corporation, China

Software engineer and specialist in Chinese characters.
Participates in modifying operating system for Chinese character handling, equipment company ISC (WPII and SWP) in the Philippines and Hong Kong. During development analyzed hardware equipment and chips from original sources to display Chinese characters.

1985 – 1986. UNISYS, China

Software Engineer.
Hired as an engineer and specialist in Chinese characters in their products.

  • Project Manager for development of a terminal emulator program called Chinese characters "B20 Chinese MT983 Terminal Emulator".
  • Development of a telex interface package called "Automatic Computer Telex Transmission System (CATTS)" to handle Chinese characters in series B20.

1982 – 1985. China Computer Technology Service

Software Engineer.
During this period participates in:

  • Developing an operating system of Chinese characters, called "Chinese Character CP/M-80" used in ZD-2000 (Z80 CPU). Analyze and improve also some application programs and utilities for handling Chinese characters such as dBASEII, Multiplan, SuperCale, Fortran compiled (compiler), interpreted BASIC and Pascal.
  • Design and development of two software packages, "Hanzi Writer" and "Hanzi Sort / Merge" (Hanzi is the main type of Chinese character). The works include a functional engineered high-level design unit. We also develop plans and test cases to test these two programs.