Chileoffshore helps you define Hybrid Cloud Architectures.
Monday, 20 March 2023 18:28

A hybrid cloud combines an on-premises data center, also called a private cloud, with a public cloud. This configuration allows you to continue using your on-premises servers while reap the benefits of public cloud services.

Hybrid cloud includes applications and their components such as networking, storage, and compute. A hybrid cloud solution can also include an architecture in which more than one vendor participates.

There is currently a major trend in a variety of industries is the use of hybrid systems that use cloud and on- premises solutions.

This means that there is a mix in using on-premises or cloud-based systems and you can use both for the most appropriate needs. For example, you can have some internal servers for the most important or sensitive data, while having daily data in a cloud so that all your employees can access it quickly.

A hybrid cloud is much more secure, saves costs and allows greater control over data and sensitive information