Multicaja S.A. Hires CHILE-OFFSHORE to develop its SWITCH component to connect with Banco Santander
Monday, 30 May 2011 15:13



As a new business opportunity, Banco Santander offers an opportunity for companies such as SWITCH to "sell" their transactions:

  • Deposit in cash,
  • Withdraw cash with debit card,
  • Pay credit fee (monthly payment),
  • Check the balance,
  • Transfer found among different accounts of same holder,
  • Pay mortgage fee,
  • Pay basic services fee

Multicaja, as a typical company Switch, is forced to compete this market. Thus, for a good result before, CHILE-OFFSHORE is hired to perform these developments.


During the time of the development, in the switch market, most TA (Transaction Authorizer like banks, financial institutes etc.) provides passive services. This kind of service wait connection request from the switch company. Web service is the most used means in such service. In such a scenario, transactions are maintained in a passive way, there is no any prior checking to see if the link between the TA and switch company is alive or not.

In contrast of these TAs, Banco Santander transaction server acts as active. That is, the Bank establishes and maintains a connection before exchanging transactions. That forces a switch company, to have a component of type "agent-router" to serve both the Bank, as well as transactions from the switch company. Therefore, this component "agent-router" must be developed in multi-thread, and must handle multiple connects, both with the switch as the bank.


During this project, CHILE-OFFSHORE specializes in:

  • Concept and development of transactions flow of switch,
  • Handling active-type TA transactions,
  • ISO-8583, general usage and also modification for using with Banco Santander,
  • HP Atalla - HSM server, its usage and how it works.
  • Encryption of PINBLOCK tipo DUKPT.
  • TCP/IP
  • Data encryption and decryption,
  • ANSI X9.24-1-2009, DUKPT PIN Block Encryption and PIN Block Translate
  • Multithread Programming