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Expected Deliver Event (EDC)


Diagram 7 - Expected Deliver Calendar Help You to Achieve A Better Control.


If you have over 20 business partners working with your company exchanging files every day, what you must to do to keep it in order? EMBFileTransfer can help you to achieve it. With the help of EDC functionalities, the agenda of deliver events can be programmed and EMBFileTransfer robot will monitoring if the expected deliver event is undertake or not. For the occurrence of each kind of events, e.g. the expected file is not present on the Out Mail Box of destination endpoint, EMBFileTransfer system will trigger an alarm to tell you about it. Also, when a file is enqueued, or is received by the destination Endpoint, EMBFileTransfer will also trigger alarm to tell you about it.


Types of EDC


EMBFileTransfer provides several types of EDC:
  • Hourly - EDC hourly allows you to define agenda of hourly deliver event.
  • Daily - EDC daily allows you to define agenda of daily deliver event.
  • Weekly - EDC weekly allows you to define agenda of weekly deliver event.
  • Monthly - EDC monthly allows you to define agenda of monthly deliver event.
  • Yearly - EDC yearly allows you to define agenda of yearly deliver event.
  • Instantaneous - EDC Instantaneous works like traditional copy command, it will delivery (enqueue) files as soon as you finish the command.
  • Onetime - EDC onetime allow you to define a "One Time" event.


Avoid Holiday

EDC Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly can use avoid holiday option. If this option is checked, the deliver events will not be executed.


On Working Days

For EDC types, Weekly, Monthly Yearly, you can use On Working Day option to tell EMBFileTransfer robot to trigger the deliver event under certain working day.


For example, for a Weekly EDC, if OnWorkingDay is defined as 1, it means Monday, and -1 means Friday under the condition the Monday and the Friday they are not holiday. So, if Friday is holiday, the -1 means the Thursday.