How should organize your DBAs in your area?

By Quentin Sherman Xue. CEO CHILE-OFFSHORE. 

This article comes as a suggestion for one of my clients, a midium/large company,  where there is more of a DBA. How to organize your DBA to make their work better for your business? Here is one of the ways suggested, aimed at improving the quality of development.


1.       There are several types of DBAs: 
  Ø       Production DBA (DBA-PROD),
Ø       Development DBA (DBA-DESA),
Ø       Business Intelligence DBA (DBA-BI) and
Ø       Hybrid DBA (DBA-Híbrido).

      The current situation in many companies is between DBA-PROD and some DBA-Hybrid, (doing a bit of everything).

2.       For this type of business (midium/large), should be a person of the development area (developer) as DBA-DESA, with the following roles:

      a.       Create Stored Procedure, thus assuring the quality of the SP, a guarantee which would fall on the DBA (and backup).
.       Application DB modeling, this allows the development area to get a global overview of its applications.
.       Develop and maintain scripts that go into production, as in (a.), this form ensures the quality of scripts and enhances each person's responsibility.
.       Perform tuning of QUERIES and STORED PROCEDURES, this way prevents bad QUERIES pass to production .
.       Data Migration Procedure.
.       SBe the channel of communication with the DBA-PROD, avoiding multiple communications between the DBA and developers.

3.       Also, the DBA-PROD should have the following roles:
.       Monitor environmental performance.
.       Instances Install SQL / Oracle.
.       Make implementation of development scripts (DBA-DESA).
.       Baseline Building Performance Matrix.
.       Configure Oracle / SQL Server in the most optimal way.
.       Create a disaster recovery plan and scalability.
.       Ensure proper execution of BACKUP.

I hope this suggestion will be useful.